What’s Unique About Food-Grade Warehousing?

December 26th, 2022
What’s Unique About Food-Grade Warehousing?

If you are a food processor, distributor, or manufacturer looking for a safe and reliable way to store your food products, then a food-grade warehouse is the ideal choice.

But what's unique about food-grade warehousing? A food-grade warehouse uses specialized storage techniques and equipment to protect food products from contaminants.

What Factors Go Into Food-Grade Warehousing?

Temperature and Humidity Control

To ensure safe storage conditions, a food-grade warehouse will maintain temperatures and humidity that prevent the growth of microorganisms. A food-grade warehouse will also ensure that the temperature is kept consistent and within the acceptable range of food safety regulations to prevent spoiling.

Proper Sanitation Practices

Food-grade warehousing must be cleaned regularly to maintain food safety and prevent cross-contamination between stored products or with external sources. All surfaces in a food-grade warehouse must be cleaned and sanitized regularly, and all equipment used must be approved for food contact.

Pest Control

To prevent any pest infestations in the warehouse, a food-grade facility must have an effective pest control program. These programs and protocols include regular inspections of stored products and pest management.

Food Safety Protocols

In addition to proper sanitation practices, a food-grade warehouse must also have established procedures in place to ensure that all food products are handled and stored safely.

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