Bonded Warehouse

Bonded warehouses are necessary for storing imported and dutiable goods. A bonded warehouse is licensed by CBP or CBSA and provides a number of benefits for businesses

Bonded warehousing services can store imported goods for the short or long-term and defer import duties and taxes until the goods are ready to be moved.

Finding bonded warehouses in North America is crucial for any business importing or exporting dutiable goods. Bonded warehouses are an essential part of the supply chain and finding a licensed warehouse is imperative.

Warehousing Companies North America (WCNA) can help businesses find a bonded warehouse in North America. We have a directory of licensed bonded warehouses in Canada and the United States that can provide storage services for businesses.

What Business Can Use a Bonded Warehouse?

Bonded warehouses are often used by manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. Any North American business that frequently imports and exports large quantities of goods can benefit from using a bonded warehouse.

How Does a Bonded Warehouse Work?

A bonded warehouse is a secured facility that is licensed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the US or the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) in Canada.

Goods that are imported into Canada or United States and are going to be exported back out again can be temporarily stored in a bonded warehouse.

A Bonded Warehouse Provides Several Benefits, Including:

  • The deferment of import duties and taxes.
  • The storage of goods for a short period or long-term storage.
  • The ability to manipulate or process the goods while they are in storage.
  • The convenience of having the goods closer to the point of export.

Businesses that use bonded warehousing services can store goods until they are ready to be exported.

How to Find a Bonded Warehouse?

There are many ways to find a bonded warehouse, but not all are fruitful. The most effective way is to use Warehousing Companies North America (WCNA). At WCNA we have a vast network of the United States and Canadian warehouses. We make it easy to connect businesses with licensed bonded warehouses.

Wherever you need bonded warehouse services in North America, we can help. We have a network of warehouses across the continent and can connect you with the right one for your needs.

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